keep silent and calm down
a programer / a writter / a reader
Spring Boot

Teach-Self enthusiast, a new tech or a lot of things can be learn by yourself.

Maintain, delevop and study for projects in work environment. Legacy project will have its own interesting and wisdom.

Open-Source enthusiast, I share what I know to all of you and vice versa, We will make BIG projects together by contributions of many people. These will make a better world.

Programming is not just coding, move over than that. Think about the problem, Think more about problem, Design it, Implement it,...and repeat all these of things. This will make programming more beautiful once you see another perpective and a more perfect approach to the problem.

CHUBB Life: 2019 - now

A good place to work for, lots of people to follow and study from, a big legacy project to dive in, a big space to develop if you dare.

  • eLearning - LMS system, `student` able to use it to improve their knowledge, also a lot of exams to required `student` to complete. Now, I'm working to make this system available to use the SCORM standard - variety categories and content, more interactive between `student` and `system`
  • SmartAgency project, a big project with a lot of modules inside of it. Many developers join to complete it, more and more to make it perfectly.
  • Paperless processes, a company with less paper as more as posible, due to a lot of systems will be appeared to adapt. From contract, attendant, business approval process, policy printing.
  • Security is no longer a strange thing now. When tecnology goes further and further, a lot of vulnerabilities will be find out and threaten to user information. Our mission is to protect it under the safe zone.
  • A legacy project is not just a huge boring, it is also a treasure if more understand of it - eBao system - our core system to make insurance process in operation.